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By the way

BBComposer is an original project created by Nicolas and Mathieu FROIDURE. To contact us, please use the contact form in Elitwork website.


Thanks to those who helps improve BBComposer. In particular to the next persons :

  • Rodrigo Bergmann Laurindo, translator, Portuguese (Brazilian).
  • Pedro Luiz Failla Junior, translator, Portuguese (Brazilian).
  • Jan Bednarcak, translator, slovak.
  • Mark Heijl, translator, dutch.
  • The team, translators, german.
  • Underpass, translator, italian.
  • Wtspout, translator, korean.
  • Sergeys, translator, russian.
  • PAGF_LINUX, translator, spanish.

Terms of use

By downloading and installing the BBComposer you accept those conditions of use.

BBComposer is a tool developed by the ElitWork company for its clients. Nevertheless, this one is available free for any Net surfer. Its use is limited to GNU General Public Licence terms.

Any damage or damage resulting from its use cannot be retained with the load of ElitWork.

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The source of this project is available for education.

BBComposer uses the Javascript class Option Manager.