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Welcome on the BBComposers homepage

BBComposer is a toolbar for Mozilla Firefox that allows you to publish in WYSIWYG the contents of a textarea field, as in a word processing software. This field can contain four types of data:

  • The XHTML: A language for the creation of websites.
  • BBCode: This language is used in many forums.
  • XBBCodes which is a transposition of the XHTML in BBCodes. They allow you to create semantic contents.
  • The Wiki syntax (Mediawiki) which is often used on collaborative websites. For the moment, it is only a partial support because no standardization exists.

The goal

Screenshot of a textarea selection with BBComposerBBComposers screenshotBBComposer + DegradX screenshotBBComposer with the Smileys sidebar open

It is simply to use. When a page contains a form with a multi-line field (textarea), you only have to click with the right button of the mouse to choose the language in which you want to edit its contents.


This barbarian term means what you see is what you get. In fact, that makes it possible to publish your messages or articles in an intuitive way, as in a word processing software. You surely noticed the complexity difference between the text area and the editor.

What's the advantage?

The produced XHTML and XBBCodes are compatible with the W3C standards. It allows you to focus on what you are entering and not the details of how to format the data for a semantic improvement of your contents. Don't want to destroy your website design? Just don't use the sidebar !

For which use?

Logo d'ElitWorkInitially created for the company ElitWork, it is available for free. You can install it and learn how to use it. For developers, some technical information are also available. You can contact me for any personal request.