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BBComposer's installation

BBComposer is an extension for Mozilla Firefox. To install it, it is necessary for you to install Firefox for free on your computer (if it is not already done).

The BBComposer

Once you installed Mozilla Firefox, re-open this page with your new browser and click on this link to install BBComposer. Then, restart Firefox. You will be able to uninstall BBComposer and Firefox later but you probably won't ;). Moreover, you will be automatically alerted of new updates available on this site.

Please note that if you download BBComposer for the first time, Firefox may block its installation. In this case, a bar will appear at top of this page. You must authorize the site to continue the installation. When it's done, click again on the link to begin download and installation.

Known problems

BBComposer will not run for the following reasons:

  • You use an extension that takes the control of the form fields (such as a spell checker). In this case, you should disactivate this extension, or, to disabled the spell checker. The Google toolbar includes a button making it possible to activate the spell checker only when it is necessary.
  • You can save a text area only if this text area has a id attribute filled.


To obtain assistance, you can go on our forum.


Once BBComposer is installed, a demonstration website is available in order to be able to test it before adapting it for your sites.