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BBComposer 1.0 alpha

A new BBComposer version will soon be launch. The source code will be completely rewritten in an Object Oriented Javascript allowing multiple BBComposer editors in the same window.

BBComposer 1.0 alpha will soon be available for download. Main change is a complete code review for allowing multiple BBComposers in the same window or in the same page :).

But, according to the fact that BBComposer has now something like 2000+ code lines and that I'm alone to review it, there's a lot of chances for bugs presence.

That's why i'm looking for alpha testers, with some knowledges in extension development to help me to fix main bugs before launching beta version. The job is to test every BBComposer functionalities and to tell me what's not running exactly like the current BBComposer.

If you're interested by this experience, please contact me.

Published on Sunday, 29 July 2007