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Firefox 3 emergency !

The new BBComposer will be soon online even if i think it's too earlier.

Indeed, the recent Firefox 3 Beta version is coming and the addons update system has changed. So, we have to do an update before Firefox 3 final version.

The new BBComposer is complety different than the precedent version. It has been completly rewrited with many factors in mind :

First, it's now Object Oriented. Every editing features has been groupe in the BBComposer object and every User Interface features has been enclosed in the BBComposer Manager object.

In addition, i tried to rewrite BBComposer to be comptatible with Javascript 1.7and DOM 3.

Why ? I simply want BBComposer to be adaptable with minimum efforts with any browser that is compliant with those standards. By that way, BBComposer integration in other browser would consist on the BBComposer Manager object rewrite without doing any change to BBComposer object.

I need help for detecting bugs on this beta version, here are those i already saw :

  • On block change, focus should be maintained inside the block.
  • On list to text block change, list item should be turn into line (with <br>).
  • On text selection and deletion, focus should stay on his place (he currently go to the begin of the block). --> Fixed
  • Copy and paset action should clean-up HTML. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V should copy and paste. --> Partially fixed
  • When removing a block, the cursor should go to the more previous or next block.
  • When the last letter of a block is deleted, maybe it should be replaced by a space. What do you think about it ?
  • When indenting block, and deindenting block, style attribute should be cleaned instead of setted up to 0px.
  • When deleting the last letter before a br at the end of a block, the br should be automatically deleted OR the last letter should be replaced by a space.
  • Problems when deleting text at the end or the begin of a list item. The text of the previous item, when at begin, should be combined with the currently selected item. Same thing at the end of a list item.

Ok, this list will be revised soon. I'll try to resolve some of those bugs before making the Beta version available. Thank for yor help !

Published on Wednesday, 12 December 2007